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目前,CAAC批准宜捷ob官方网站(中国)有限公司将其巴西航空工业公司飞鸿和庞巴迪环球飞机的CAAC定检维修能力提升至120月检水平。除此之外,FAA 批准宜捷ob官方网站(中国)有限公司将其挑战者605飞机的定检级别提高至180月检水平,并同时批准了电瓶维修能力。

宜捷ob官方网站(中国)有限公司总经理Paul Desgrosseilliers表示:“我们将不断增加我们的定检维修能力和支援服务,努力为客户提供高效益和高质量的全面定检维修服务,并在亚洲各地提供各种计划外维修的支持。”



ExecuJet Haite makes significant additions to CAAC and FAA Base Maintenance and Battery Shop Capabilities in China

ExecuJet Haite is proud to announce that it has been authorized to add capabilities to its growing list of CAAC and FAA approvals. The latest set of approvals increase the level of Base Maintenance activities as well as battery shop services provided at its main base at Tianjin Binhai International Airport, China.

ExecuJet Haite is now approved to increase its CAAC capability on the Embraer Phenom up to the 120-month base check and the Bombardier Global product line up to the 120-month check level as well. In addition to those CAAC approvals, ExecuJet Haite has extended it’s Bombardier Challenger 605 check level up to 180-month under FAA and at the same time received FAA approval for its battery shop.

“We continue to add to our growing list of heavy maintenance capabilities and support services in our efforts to serve the customer and provide both cost effective and high quality full-scale base maintenance services, and unscheduled support throughout Asia,” says ExecuJet Haite General Manager Paul Desgrosseilliers.

ExecuJet Haite holds CAAC, EASA, FAA, Cayman, Bermuda, Aruba, Hong Kong, and Macau approvals and offers line and base maintenance support on multiple Embraer, Dassault, Bombardier, and Gulfstream models, as well as line support for the Boeing business jet.